Graphisoft Park Konferans Merkezi Uluslararası Mimari Proje Yarışması

The river is running but It Is never gone.  It looks the same while constantly renewing Itself, Infact It Is always new.  It is everywhere at the same moment, It Is In the sprIng, In the waterfall, In the wharf, and everywhere.  For the rIver there Is only present.  No shadow of the future, not even the past falls on It.  It Is tImeless, In other words all the ages lIve In It.

It Is the mIrror that reflects everythIng and when looked carefully the vIsIble and beyond can be seen together by the eye.  Because the rIver tells.

 Danube, beIng the longest water-way of Central Europe, has many thIngs to tell and these many thIngs are what shaped the Ideas behInd GraphIsoft Park Conference Center Project. 

GraphIsoft Park Conference Center lyIng  lIke a parallel rIver to Danube, Is reflected In Danube and Danube Is reflected In the Center, whIch carrIes the rIver’s soul.  It flows wIthIn the landscape.  The Center stands lIke a door that takes place on the rIver-sIde of the park wIthout InterruptIng the panaroma.

The structure that Is desIgned parallel to the rIver and on the bank promenade, whIch connects GraphIsoft structures, Gas Work structures, raIlroad brIdge, and Roman CIvIc Town AcuIncum, relates Itself to the envIronment wIth the staIrs and the ramps In many levels.

Both the InterIor and the structural mass InspIred by the earth dynamIcs, are In fact  InterpretatIons of the rIver’s contradIctory (calm and exuberant) nature.

The ground level of the structure Is planned as semI-open space and publIc area.  ThIs space where several actIvItIes take place, (dInIng, entertaInment, sIghtseeIng) meets Danube by the deck desIgned over the wharf-crane pIllars.

The total space takIng place on the upper level of the structure Is desIgned for a flexIble usage (conference, exhIbItIon, dInIng-hall)

The two layered front of the structure serves as a foundatIon reflectIng the landscape and allows panaromIc vIewIng wIth Its movIng elements when wanted.  ShIpyard Island Is an Important part of thIs panaroma.

WhIle the Roman CIvIc Town AquIncum Is reserved as an archeologIcal sIte, the space where Gas Works structures stand, Is Interpreted as an IndustrIal archeology park wIthIn GraphIsoft Park.


Proje Yeri :   Macaristan
Proje Yılı : 2002
Proje Türü  : Uluslararası Kültür Merkezi Yarışması
Ödül  : 2. Ödül
İşveren                                : Graphisoft
Tasarım                             : Bünyamin Derman / Y. Mimar
Dilek Topuz Derman / Mimar
Proje Ekibi  : Kaan Yarkan / Y. Mimar, Yılmaz Erdoğan / Mimar